Journey to Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep Waterfalls

Whether you’re travelling to the Gili Islands, climbing up Mount Rinjani or simply touring around Lombok, dedicating a day to visit these waterfalls is a must!

It’s quite the trek to get there but it’s worth it.


First, be aware that you will need to pay an entrance fee to visit the falls. Now, I’m a bit confused because many people are saying many different things in regards to cost.. I won’t lie, I can’t remember how much we paid since it was a year ago – but it definitely wasn’t more than 10,000 IDR. Please do not let them rip you off! Many people on Tripadvisor have been saying that they overpaid by a horrendous amount.

Don’t bother paying for the guide. It’s an absolute rip off. The trail to both falls is pretty obvious plus there will most likely be other people there (tourists & many locals) so you can follow their lead.

Second, make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy and wet. You will have to walk through several “creeks/rivers” to get there. I also don’t recommend you wear flip flops! They can easily be swallowed by the flowing water,  slippery or get broken. I would suggest wearing a pair of water shoes; they will stay on your feet and will protect you from the nasty rocks!

Third, make sure to waterproof all of your things. Bring a large ziploc bag if you have to where you can put your wallet, camera, phone, etc. I say this because of two reasons: a) you’re in the middle of the jungle which means a cloud of rain can appear out of nowhere (which happened to us) and b) some of the rivers are knee deep and can be slippery. If you fall, it’s nice to know your things won’t get damaged by the water.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the first falls and about 30 minutes to walk to the second falls (Tiu Kelep). Please don’t give up and turn back! They’re worth it!

The first falls (Sendang Gile) are nice and very powerful. If you choose to go down to the bottom of the falls, DO NOT stand directly under the fall. We were warned by the guide in advance – some people have died because of how powerful this waterfall is. Just be smart and careful 🙂

Then you begin the trek to the second, and largest, falls: Tiu Kelep. I don’t recommend this trek to someone who suffers physically. It requires you to climb over large rocks, walk through slippery water, climb very steep stairs, and use both hands and feet at times.

Fun story: My big toe was injured from a horse carriage on Gili Trawangan and the doctor told me to stay away from fresh water, salt water, sand, dirt, etc… I still managed to finish the trek. I mean, the guide was awesome he carried me over every river so I wouldn’t get my toe wet! But when it began to pour rain I sort of gave up on trying to keep it clean but still tried to avoid bodies of water. It was unfortunate because I didn’t get to swim in the water 😦 That’s okay because I am definitely coming back next year!

From Gili Trawangan:

I suggest to book a tour with one of the tour companies on the island. That way, your boat and car ride are included and organised for you. It takes about 30 minutes to get from Gili T to the port of Pamenang by boat (which you share with a bunch of people). Then, once you get to the port, you hop in a car and it takes about an hour – hour fifteen to get to the falls. Keep in mind that you need to add an hour of trekking time to and from the waterfall (if you’re trying to plan your time accordingly).

I would suggest spending about 2 hours minimum here. 30 minute walk to the falls, an hour to swim and hang around (minimum), then 30 minutes back to the entrance.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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