Sunset on the West coast of Gili T

If you’re in Gili Trawangan, please, PLEAASSEEE grab a bike and head to the West cost for one of the most beautiful, serene, and perfect sunsets you will ever witness. There are many beautiful photo spots along this side of the small island and it is much quieter than the East side. 

Biking around Gili T (which takes about 30 minutes btw) is like biking through 4 different towns. There’s the quiet side (West), the surfer/wavy side (South), the party and hotel strip side (East), and the chill/”Stoner” side (North). There are things to enjoy around the entire island but the best spot to be for an incredible evening is definitely the West side.


We had the opportunity to watch the sunset at the bar across Hotel Ombak Sunset. They have many little “huts”, benches, bean bags, and places to sit along the water to watch the sunset. This is also where you will find the iconic swings located in the water. When we were passing by, there was also a beautiful heart shaped arched made from large leaves which was stunning. Not sure if this was temporary but it turned out to be a good photo!

I know how fun and entertaining the East coast can be but trust me, take one night and spend it on the West coast; you won’t regret it! 🙂

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