Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Melanie and I am an aspiring travel blogger from Ottawa, Canada.

Like most kids, I jumped right into College after completing high school. I’ve always been a creative and artsy person which explains why I chose to pursue an education in the field of design. It was a tough experience with lots of sleepless nights (and I mean LOTS), but 4 years later I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Arts – specialised in Interior Design! Since then, I steered off the path a little and was fortunate to snag a job for one of the top lighting design firms in Canada. So I guess you can call me a Lighting Designer (junior of course) !

My love for travel began 5 years ago when I booked my very first “all-inclusive” vacation to Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. After that Cuba trip, I decided I wanted to travel at least once a year to discover new cities and cultures. Since then, I’ve travelled to Punta Cana (D.R.), Riviera Maya (Mexico), Puerto Vallarta (Mexico), Chicago (USA), New York (USA), Las Vegas (USA), San Diego (USA), Pittsburgh (USA), Niagara Falls (Canada), Quebec City (Canada)… I’m quite familiar with Toronto and Montreal since they’re only a drive away from home (Ottawa).

Last year, I was craving for something bigger, better and more exciting. Asia! Turns out my BFF and I were on the same page. So we packed our bags and took a 30 hour flight to a brand new continent where adventure awaited us. Let me tell ya, if you have not been to Asia yet – GO! You will not regret it. We had the incredible opportunity to visit Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia. Within those countries we were able to roam around countless cities, ride along in tuktuks, drink out of buckets, climb to hilltop temples, cruise the Mekong River, get PADI certified, swim with elephants, drink Luwak coffee, meet monkeys, etc. etc. etc.. I could go on forever.

Since then, I travelled to Europe for the very first time. Explored Prague in Czech Republic as well as Rome in Italy. Both absolute incredible cities but very different – in a good way!

I am currently planning a massive trip back to Asia. This time, I will be away from home for 4-6 months and will be doing it with my longterm boyfriend! I am very excited.

I’m done blabbing now. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website! If you are passionate about travel please follow my Instagram account and YouTube page (COMING SOON) linked on the homepage!

Have a great day eh!