Bali (Ubud)

May 2016

Ubud is one of my favourite cities that I have visited. It’s filled with beautiful foliage, culture and incredible views.

The first thing everyone should do when in Udub is visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. It costs 40,000 IDR to enter and it’s worth the price. The monkeys are running around free it’s so cute! They even hang out outside of the sanctuary near the streets . A word of caution, do not hold anything in your hands while being there. They will assume it’s food and jump on you! Maybe even run away with whatever it is you were holding. They warn people not to leave sunglasses on their heads and hold onto your cameras tight. You can pay a bit of money and buy bananas where you hold it up high and the monkey will climb you to reach the banana!

There are many inexpensive accommodation options in Ubud that are simply breathtaking. We stayed at a small but beautiful hotel called Inata Bisma. It was so peaceful and so beautiful I wish I was there now. This place also offers a free shuttle service to the main shopping roads which is a huge bonus. It’s not that far of a walk but once in a while it’s nice to sit back and let someone else bring you to your destination 🙂

Ubud is also known for its famous Luwak coffee. Have you ever seen the movie “Bucket List”? That’s what the guy is obsessed with drinking until Morgan Freeman tells him where it comes from – poop! These little animals eat the coffee beans, then poop them out, then they clean those beans and make coffee out of it and sell it at a ridiculous price. You have to try it at least once!! I would recommend finding a place that treats their animals right; the place we went to had the poor little guys living in cages.

About an hour drive away from Ubud, there are tons of sacred water sanctuaries and temples that are well worth seeing. Do your research ahead of time as to which temple you would like to visit since it’s quite the drive! 🙂

If we would have had more time in Ubud, I would have definitely trekked up early in the morning to watch the sunrise rise above Mount Agung or even climbed the volcano as far up as possible – next time!

The main “downtown area” of Ubud is filled with shops and restaurants. There are so many things to do! Like any other popular place, you can bargain with the people at the street shops.

I want to go back so bad!!

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