April 2016

This is where my journey to Asia began! I must be honest, I only spent a day here so I’m not the best person to know much about Hanoi.

What I can say is that I definitely want to visit it again. There are so many people in Hanoi it’s unreal! Let me say one thing, don’t even think about renting a scooter and driving around here – There are no road rules. I was in a van strapped in and was sure we were going to crash or something.

All I can really say is go out and walk around! Find new places. I would suggest to grab a map and make sure to either highlight or circle where your hotel is so if you get lost you can ask someone to help you find your way back. The roads are so weirdly oriented that you can easily get lost.

There are shops EVERYWHERE. If you need something, they have it. As for nightlife, we were brought to a small strip that has tons of bars. It’s really cool because most bars bring out small chairs and stools onto the street and you can sit around and meet people. If you’re on a budget, find bars that have deals on drinks or happy hours. We ended up at a bar that was 2 for 1 which was bomb.

If you have any questions about Hanoi I can definitely try to help! 🙂

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