Las Vegas

April 2014

VEGAS BABY! I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love Las Vegas. It’s even better than in the movies – I swear. By far the most fun place I’ve been to. Please go to Vegas at least once in your life!!

I should start by saying that the reason I went to Vegas was for my cousin’s wedding! No it was not the drunk Elvis type of wedding – it was a beautiful Italian themed wedding that took place in the Venetian hotel. Trust me, they got some insanely nice wedding shots with all of those beautiful backdrops.

Vegas is non-stop, 24hr fun. Whether it’s 11am or 3am.. There’s always something to do. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes though because there’s a lot of walking involved! Cam and I spent two full days walking the entire strip. We wanted to see as much as we could during our short stay. Contrary to what some people think, Vegas is not small; not even close. Yes it’s one long strip of fun, but it’s a decent walk to get from one end of the strip to the other. I don’t recommend taking taxis because there is traffic constantly and you will end up paying quite a bit. Instead, Vegas has a “monorail” type of train which travels along the strip. We didn’t use it because we chose to get around the old fashion way – walking!

We stayed at the MGM Grand hotel and loved it! I must add though that the hotel is MASSIVE. I was shocked. If you are staying in the cheapest room of the resort you will have to walk a good 3-5 minutes just to reach the elevator/your room – no joke. Their casino is great and the restaurant and nightclub options are great too. It’s a bit on the end of the strip though so you do more walking with this hotel but no biggie!

I recommend checking out Groupon before heading to Vegas. They have tons of deals on all kinds of things – shows, drinks, restaurants, nightclubs, party tours, activities, etc. Cam and I bought a couple. One was for two tall 40 oz drinks at Fatboys and the other was for a party tour for the Saturday night. Let me tell you right now, the party tour was 100% worth the money. You get driven along the strip in a party bus/limo, you have a super cool host, you get access to 3 different nightclubs, you get drinks during the ride, you stop by the “Las Vegas” sign and you get to meet incredible people. It’s basically like bar hopping but in style. The company is called “Party Tours Las Vegas” – highly recommend this.

If you want more info on Las Vegas let me know and I’ll post a blog about what to see and do! 🙂

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