November 2016

Oh my WORD!!! Prague, Prague, Prague; where do I even start.

I was very fortunate to be sent to Prague by my company in order to attend a lighting design conference. What I find funny is I had no idea what to expect from this city. I’m the type of person to plan EVERYTHING; however, for my short Europe trip, I planned nothing at all. It’s the best decision I’ve made and from this point on, I won’t be planning any trips ahead of time.

Prague is full of history and incredible architecture. I would recommend spending a minimum of 5 days in Prague to have time to walk and see many things. We stayed at the Prague Marriot Hotel and it was beautiful. Not very budget friendly for backpackers though. It is in a great spot however. It’s about a 20 minute walk to the Charles Bridge (as a reference).

Some of the top things I saw in Prague are the following. Every hour, the town clock will present  a short “show” similar to a cuckoo clock. There’s a song and small puppets come out of the clock and dance. It’s pretty cute! It does get very busy near the hour so if you want a good spot show up a bit in advance. (maybe 10 mins 🙂 ). The Charles bridge is a must, it’s stunning.  The town square is beautiful (especially at night). The Dancing House (one of Frank Gehry’s masterpiece). There’s actually a bar on top of this as well; we didn’t get to see it but go check it out! I also recommend visiting the Lennon Wall. It’s a wall full of graffiti and is continuously being painted over each and every day representing today’s society and problems. You can reach it by crossing the charles bridge and heading toward the left. There’s also a cute area on the right of the Charles bridge filled with Swans! It’s incredible. Plus you get really nice views of the Charles Bridge. Oh and bubbles. There’s these guys creating massive bubbles in main parts of town and they’re so much fun! Makes you feel like a kid again 🙂

I highly recommend visiting Prague during winter time. I’m a bit sad because we were there in mid November, just a week before they began putting up Christmas decorations and markets. They did, however, have a wine festival just a couple minutes from the hotel. There were tons of local stalls selling hot wine, sausages, potato pancakes, desserts, basically tons of food. The snow and the leaves falling make this city a beautiful sight to see. It does get bloody cold though (this coming from a Canadian!) so bring a warm jacket and a scarf.

As for food, Czech food is delicious!! And the beer! As a note, everything is cheap in Prague when it comes to food and beer. It’s like $1.50 Canadian for a big beer, crazy! I would recommend making reservations if you would like to try a specific restaurant. Czech people eat out a lot and I kid you not, one night we were walking around for 45 minutes, walked into 8-10 different restaurants and all of them were full without reservations.

If you have any questions about Prague please feel free to ask! 🙂

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