Puerto Vallarta

February 2015

So I had mixed feelings about Puerto Vallarta. It seems to me that the peninsula is divided into two different water types (weird I know-I’ll explain below). We stayed in the newer area which is called “Nuevo Vallarta”. It’s convenient because it’s less expensive than staying at resorts in “downtown” Puerto Vallarta; however, there’s not much to do around and the water is not the greatest.
Since there was not much to do, we decided to take the local bus one day and head toward the downtown area. We went to a shopping mall which was nice. Walked around a little but the weather was taking a turn for the worst so we head back to the hotel.
I would highly
I highly recommend doing a tour with “Vallarta Adventures”. By far the best tour company I’ve booked with. They were so much fun and were very organised. We booked one that took us to the Marietas Island National Park.  If you haven’t been, please go! I’m sure many of you have seen photos before but it’s basically a hidden beach in a large hole on an island. It’s worth it!! Beautiful sight. There’s lots of snorkelling nearby as well which is nice.
About that water, while on the tour to Marietas Island, we sailed to Puerto Vallarta downtown to pick up the rest of our group. As we were sailing, we noticed a huge shift in colour and look to the water. The ocean on the side of Nuevo Vallarta is more of a brown colour and on Puerto Vallarta it’s a blue colour. Odd.. Next time I go to Puerto Vallarta I’ll spend a bit more money and stay on the downtown side and visit the downtown area as well.

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