Vang Vieng

May 2016

The town of incredible mountains and sunset views. Oh my word – I think this was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve witnessed. Definitely top 3. I’ve never seen mountains so prominent and unique than here in Vang Vieng.

I am most definitely coming back to Vang Vieng. Didn’t have enough time to fully enjoy its natural beauty. A couple of things we did have the chance to experience, which in my opinion are the top 2 things to do here are the following.

The Blue Lagoon. It’s about a 20-30 minute tuktuk ride from Vang Vieng and it’s well worth the trip. First, if you take a tuktuk to cross the bridges and head to any place you will have to pay a toll. The driver will usually include it in the price of the tuktuk but if it’s a little more than you expect to pay it’s because he will have to pay to cross the bridge (there and back). Blue Lagoon is a really nice, serene place to swim. It’s fresh water and it’s very blue which makes it a beautiful sight. It’s very popular among locals, especially on weekends or holidays. One thing to remember about Laos in general is the people are very  conservative and traditional. If you are going to swim anywhere in Laos, you should cover up with a long t-shirt. It’s frowned upon to walk around or swim in small bathing suits (bikinis). Cover your shoulders, and ideally, your knees. There is also a hidden cave at this lagoon. You must trek up quite high to reach it and they’re not exactly stairs; more like unevenly carved rocks. I almost turned back halfway because I was terrified of falling but I kept going and it was worth it! Beautiful, huge cave with a temple inside.

River Tubbing! Now this was a cool experience. If you like to party, do this. Essentially, you cruise down the river in inflatable tubes/donuts and get pulled in to bars along the journey. In the past, there were several bars. Now, there are only 2 left because people get so drunk they jump in the shallow river and die (true story). The first bar definitely has more games and activities to do than the second bar but the second has a more beautiful view of the mountains. From personal experience, don’t drink too fast or continuously drink water in between each drink. It’s so hot outside that you will all of a sudden realize you’re absolutely hammered and you lost your flip flops somewhere (yea..I did). Make sure to take care of your tube as well and return it before the rental place closes otherwise you will not get your deposit back!

Other than that, there are tons of bars and restaurants here in Vang Vieng. Definitely a place to party. I suggest visiting the Sunset Bar where you will get to watch the sun set over the beautiful mountains (see one of my photos).

If you have any questions feel free to ask! 🙂


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